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Good web design is about more than garnering web traffic. It’s about connecting your business goals with the experience of your users.

If you had a magic wand...
what would your website look like?

Elements of effective web design

  • Designing visually compelling and easy to navigate websites built upon clear business objectives.
  • Utilizing effective calls-to-action to gather the data you need to generate actual business from your website. Web traffic is great, but it’s worthless if you’re not converting traffic into sales and leads. Your calls-to-action need to be prominent, and prospects need compelling reasons to fill out forms and/or buy.
  • Designing e-commerce to maximize conversion.
  • Understanding how your clients behave on your website — and adjusting. Your website should be a fluid extension of your marketing.
  • Relevant content. The bottom line about SEO is simple. Google and Bing are indexing your website in order to rank its relevance. Fresh and consitent content is king.
  • State-of-the-art software. Search engines punish you for using some software and reward you for using other technology. Responsive design has become a requirement for positive mobile search results.

Important Business Website Factors

  • Are you using social media to direct traffic to your website and to other calls to action?
  • Are you sending broadcast emails that link to specific landing pages on your site?
  • Search engines like new content. Depending on your business model, your goals and your available time, is it worth it to blog on your website?
  • Is your web presence measuring up to your competitors’ websites, social media campaigns, email broadcasts, and print advertising?
  • Understand the power of numbers. Building your database of clients and prospects is crucial.
  • Are you using SMS, short message service? Some businesses use SMS to build email and phone number databases. If you’ve got a retail store or restaurant, or if you’re exhibiting at homeshows or tradeshows, or if you’re advertising in newspapers or magazines, wow. SMS can be powerful.
  • If you’re collecting email addresses on your website, are you keeping prospects and clients in the loop with effective drip campaigns? Don’t know what a drip campaign is? Contact us for a free consultation.
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